Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Healthy Snacks on the Go

By Felix Alexander

With the families always on the go it is hard to give the kids and you a healthy snack when you are riding in the car to a game or on a long family trip. You need a healthy snack to keep up your energy and focus so you can finish the project. Some simple ideas can save you money and make some healthy snacks that your kids will eat; you can also let them help make their own snacks. You can get the things to make your own trail mix, cracker sandwiches, and vegetable sticks and dip. You can make all of this for little to no money and here are a few ideas to help you along your way.

When you go shopping, go down the cereal isle and look for some cheerios and a box of chex. Now get an inexpensive bag of chocolates and a bag of nuts. If you want to save money then you might just want to get a bag of peanuts in the shell. These are a bit cheaper but you have to shell the peanuts yourself. Next, find some cheap cheese crackers and a box of raisins. Now when you get home you can mix all of this together and you have a big bowl of chex mix with all of the natural flavors and you got a lot more food for a lot less money spent.

You can really save a lot of money if you have you own garden. You can grow some carrots, tomatoes and some cucumbers to make a healthy and easy snack for you and your family. Wash the vegetables off with cold water and then let the kids munch away. You can throw in a package of crackers and some lunchmeat and you got a whole supper on the go for a miniscule amount of money out of your pocket. All you need know is a thermos of water or what ever it is you want to drink and you got a weight watching meal packed with the vitamins and minerals that your whole family needs to grow up healthy and full of energy.

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