Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exercises For Losing Fat in Your Belly - 3 Effective Exercises For Trimming Your Belly!

Belly fat is the most common problem in the body. Fat usually accumulates in the abdominal region resulting to an unpleasant looking bulging tummy. Exercises for losing those bulges in your tummy are a way of trimming the fat off. The most common form of exercise used to trim down your waist is abdominal or stomach exercises. The top 3 effective abdominal exercises designed to trim your waist are as follows:

1. Abdominal crunches on a ball -

Doing the abdominal crunches on a ball is proven to be more effective as compared to regular crunches done on the floor. It needs balance making it harder to maintain stability. The ball helps you to specifically target the muscles of the abdomen by isolating the abdominal muscles, creating more resistance and helps in proper contraction of the abdominal muscles.

2. Lying Leg Raises -

This target the lower abdominal muscles. It eliminates pot belly which is the culprit of a bulging belly. These are designed to effectively burn fat to have a trimmer look without the bulge. Perfect for those who are beach lovers, now you can show off a leaner stomach.

3. Side Crunches on a ball -

The idea is technically the same with the abdominal crunches but the aim is to eliminate the love handles by crunching on the side. Doing side crunches on the ball will help you burn the sides of the abdomen and totally eliminate those love handles. The side muscles are responsible for creating a curvaceous look to make you look sexier.

These exercises aim to target all the major muscles on your abdomen to facilitate efficient burning of the superficial fats on the abdominal cavity. Effectiveness of these exercises relies on the intensity, so the harder it is the better the results. So remember to challenge your body and increase your sets and repetition.


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