Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Replacing Ice Cream With Yogurt

By Todd Grummans

One of the longest running summer staples in America is a nice ice cream cone to eat to cool off. It tastes great, is cold, and comes in all your favorite flavors.

The one drawback though is it is not that good for you. A solution? How about some frozen low fat or non fat yogurt?

I loved the tasty and creamy snack as a kid, but once my metabolism started slowing down I decided I needed to switch to something just as tasty but healthier.

Yogurt varies in how much healthier it is for you than ice cream. For the most part, you can save at least 30% off the normal fat and saturated fat found in the frozen treat by opting for yogurt.

Most think of yogurt as not exactly like the same type of food though. A snack you can find cold but not cold like ice cream. Fortunately, they make yogurt that is frozen. It's pretty simple: frozen yogurt.

I can get my favorite ice cream flavors and put them on a cone just like the old days at the Creamery. The indulgence doesn't kill my diet, but still should only be eaten in moderation.

We all want to snack on the things we grew up eating. The fact is as we get older you have to find a healthy alternative, or start snacking on vegetables all day. I can't give up the flavor, so I'll stick with the low fat, or even fat free yogurt for desert from now on.

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